CITrials Helps the Medical Community Find Treatments with Clinical Trials

Research is the cornerstone to finding treatments for a variety of diseases. At CITrials, we focus on helping the medical community find the best treatments and medications to help patients live a better life. Our company specializes in memory loss clinical trials and bipolar disorder clinical trials, as we strive to reach people with mental health issues before it becomes too late for treatment. We have campuses scattered throughout California, and people interested in applying for a clinical trial can find our locations in Costa Mesa, Riverside, Santa Ana, and San Diego.

What Are Clinical Trials?

A clinical trial is when a pharmaceutical company or research institute needs to test a medication or treatment option before making it available to the public. Our company has conducted schizophrenia clinical trials and depression clinical trials to determine if medications are effective. At CITrials, the studies are done in a controlled environment, with each participant's safety and comfort a high priority.


There are a large number of trials available for different medical issues. Constipation clinical trials try to find the best remedies for bowel problems. COPD clinical trials will test different medications to see which are most effective at helping people breathe. Opioid addiction clinical trials try to find the best ways to help opioid addicts break their addiction and live a clean lifestyle. Every trial put out by CITrials is meant to help people find relief and treatments for bothersome illnesses.

Participating in a CITrials Clinical

Not every applicant is eligible to participate in a trial. Some trials require that participants be at different stages of a disease. For example, epilepsy clinical trials may be for a medication to help those having severe seizures, or Alzheimer's clinical trials may be for those in the early stages testing medication to help prevent rapid onset of the disease. We work with both pediatric and adult patients, with research using adult autism clinical trials to help determine the best course of treatment for autistic adults. If you're interested in participating in a clinical trial with CITrials, simply fill out the online interest form or give us a call to find out which studies are currently available. We guarantee you will feel a sense of accomplishment helping the medical community test and research various treatment options.

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